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the growing film industry

The film industry is a growing area in Canada, and with the plethora of film tax credits and other production credits coupled with the favorable exchange rate, is an attractive location for film production. With provinces vying for the film dollar, even the credits vary across the country.

For example, the the Production Services Tax Program provides for a 16% refundable credit on Canadian labour costs. Not only does the production company benefit, but there is incentive to use Canadian talent and other staff thus creating employment opportunities.
We have worked with both Canadian and US corporations with their filing requirements. As a registered IRS filer, the firm works with Canadian corporations with US filing requirements for US-based productions.

Our involvement can vary - whether its for a day-to-day "back office" type of accounting involvement or tax-based engagements only, we can help ensure that the tax credits are available for you.
We can also help with cross-border transactions and foreign ownership issues.