First Nations

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first nations

One of the strengths we have in our firm is the ability to work closely with our First Nations clients. Our managing director grew up in First Nations communities and has a unique understanding of the needs of this wonderful group.

Not every First Nation is the same - they are as unique as any business in Canada and each have their own specific challenges and requirements. Our work has included simple day-to-day accounting as well as annual audits, training, and health care case studies.

As a boutique firm, our managing director is personally involved with the First Nations clients, and once the needs are understood, is able to propose and implement a tailored solution to meet that need. Some of the challenges involve the development of business entities for the provision of own-source revenues; depending on the business an ownership and operational structure is put into place to make them more effective.

One of the things to watch for is the inadvertent attraction of income tax issues. Through our tax planning process, use of trusts and involvement with external professional advisers, we can avoid this pitfall.

With cutbacks in ISC funding, we can help develop and implement business entities to help your First Nations community grow.