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Tax. That dreaded "T" word

The very nature of the word can make the strongest and most confident of people tremble. Even renowned gangster Leroy Barnes, who ruled Harlem with an iron fist”, was so terrified of the tax authorities that he always filed miscellaneous income each year to prevent the IRS from targeting him.

There are many areas of tax. Most of us think of filing our tax return every year, but for a business owner, there are many more shades of tax that need to be considered.

We get asked the question, "Why should I use a professional tax advisor?" The dangers of a do-it-yourself tax job are not limited to potentially missing out on tax credits you are entitled to, but extends to more complex tax transactions.

Did you recently incorporate your business? You can transfer assets tax free to your new corporation.

Are you close to retirement and want to keep your children in the business? Talk to us about estate and business transition strategies.